How It All Started


Moms Gourmet Candles was started by a candle lover that was sick of spending her money on candles that just didn't put out any scent.  So one day Mom, from Mom's Gourmet Candles, decided to try her hand at making her own highly fragranced candles with never a thought of selling them. 

It started out as a small hobby and quickly grew into a labor of love and then a fantastic career choice.  After many years of trying out different types of wax and fragrances Mom's Gourmet Candles final product is one that many people love and have come back to time and time again. 

(Medium & Small Candles 14/8 oz. Shown Above)

Just a little bit about Moms Gourmet Candles.......


They are super saturated with some of the finest fragrances. They are made with a very porous, long burning wax.  The more porous the wax the better the scent throw and it is also low sooting.  The wicks are some of the finest there are and have no metal in them.  They burn super hot, which means that they also enhance the already super scent throw. 


 I don't use essential oils because they don't mix well with the wax without a lot of additives and I like to keep these candles as natural as I can.  Whatever goes into a candle eventually goes into the air that you breathe.  That's also why these candles are left with their natural color.




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